Occasionally someone will write an article or take a photo and Bonnie happens to be caught in the background or accidentally quoted. These articles are then cut out by her father and put on the family fridge for several months or photocopied by her mum and sent to all her relatives. Alternatively if her ‘friends’ find them her printed face is vandalised with a marker pen and some pretty mean looking facial hair.

If they survived the tea stains, family dinners and graffitti attacks then they might* have been posted below.

* There are of course articles/mentions in the media that survived all this and still didn’t get posted below – but no-one needs to know that Bonnie once got a picture published in the ‘Ed Magazine’ of The West Australian when she was ten or her running time in the City to Surf…

ARTICLES (most recent – least recent)

Interview: 4ZZZFM Brisbane, Megaherzzz Show, 21st July 2013
Interview with Bonnie Davies & Andrea Gibbs on local Brisbane Station.

Review: Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2012

Review: The Yorker, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2012

Artist Profile, Artshub, April 2012

Arts Industry Profile, Artshub, February 2012

Article: Voyeur, Virgin InFlight Magazine, November 2011

A feature article written by Bonnie for Virgin’s In Flight Magazine ‘Voyeur’, published in November 2011.

Interview: RTR FM, National Recycling Week, 7th November 2011

My mum was named ‘Waste Champion of the Year’ for 2011 – on Tuesday 8th November I will MC the ‘Big Swap’ as part of the National Recycling Week. We were both interviewed by Peter Barr on RTR and mum was the comedian of the morning…

Interview: The New Current, Edinburgh Fringe Interview: Bonnie Davies, 21st July 2011

Review: The West Australian, Hannah Gadsby, Dave O’Neil and Bonnie Davies, Friday 27th May 2011

Interview: RTR FM 92.1, Bonnie Davies & James De Leo on ‘Breakfast with Barr, Monday 23rd May

Peter Barr had James De Leo and Bonnie on air to promote their upcoming Wild West Comedy Festival shows. It was quite early in the morning, so discussion was mainly about the quality of James’ jacket.

Post Newspapers, Article, 14th May 2011

Interview: TheAuReview, Bonnie Davies, 13th April 2011

Review: Chortle, Bonnie Davies $10 of Laughs or Your Money Back, 5th April

Review: Herald Sun, Bonnie Davies – $10 of Laughs or Your Money Back, 4th April 2011

2011 – Bonnie Puts Her Money On a Laugh by Denise Cahill, Western Suburbs Weekly, 8th February 2011

2010 – The ‘F’ Word – Guest Blog by Bonnie Davies, Featured on

This was an article written by Bonnie for the WA online news and lifestyle blog ‘Wangle’. The Wangle website isn’t currently live bu you can read the full article here on Bonnie’s blog.

The West Australian, Article, Comedians Laugh All the Way to Edinburgh, 30th July 2011

2009 – Spin-offs From Music Festival – Midland Reporter

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2009 – In It For The Laughs – The Post

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2004 – From Little Things Big Things Grow – Written by Bonnie, FUSE Magazine, Propel Youth Arts

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2001 – Meet the Publishers – The Post

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